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2006 Washington Fila Weekend
General Info.

   Second Annual Fila Weekend!!! Anyone interested in the Fila Brasileiro breed is Welcome.

Located in Yakima Washington June 23, 24, 25 of 2006

Striving to help provide better owners,

through better education.


General Information

     This year we expect our Second Annual Washington Fila Weekend to be even better then last year's. We have more activities planned for all ages of both people and dogs. We will have educational seminars as well as a mock dog show for you and your dog to enter. Fun will be had by everyone. And at the end of the day you are more than welcome to sit back, relax and share stories of the day's events. We are certain there will be plenty of socializing to be had!

     This schedule is subject to change due to the weather but we will have fun come rain or shine! Children are welcome however it will be your job to ensure their saftey and restrict their access to the dogs and/or any unsafe situation. We will not provide babysitting. Dogs must be leashed or crated at all times. Uncontrolled or unattended dogs or children will be removed from the premesis for the safety of all concerned.


     This year we will hold the Second Annual Washington Fila Weekend  at 3104 Stanton Rd., Yakima, WA, 98903 which is a small farm. For directions to the farm, please go to and simply type in the aforementioned address.  Not only will we will many events set up on location but we have plenty of room for campers and an area that is totally fenced.  There will also be an enclosed and fenced area for people (one family at a time) to take their dogs to let them loose, play and blow off a little bit of steam. This is basically a Cattle pen, which will also be doubling as our agility course. For more information on the schedule, please click on the agenda link at the top of the page.  We will update this page frequently.

     COST:  If you register before May 15th, the weekend wiil cost $30 for one human and 2 dogs; additional humans and dogs will be $10 each.

     If you register after May 15th,the cost for a human and 2 dogs will be $40. Each additional human will be $20 and additional dogs will be $10. This will assist us in preparing for the correct number of people, ensuring camping spots for all and will offset the cost of supplies and activities.

    PLEASE send in your registration form if you plan on attending.  We prefer payment in advance however if this is too difficult, please send the registration in and let us know you will be paying at the event.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions; you can contact Trisha Porter at 509-966-8742 or email her at ***Due to a few people having problems sending entry forms to my aol address Tracy Shea will be assisting in receiving entry forms. PLEASE try the AOL one first and then you are more then welcome to send them to


     FINE PRINT: YOU are responsible for your dog, including ANY damage the dog does to people or property. This includes other animals so make sure your home owner's insurance is current and whatever you do DO NOT LET YOUR DOG BITE ANYONE!  It would not hurt to avoid letting them destroy the farm's property as well! EVERYONE who is participating MUST sign a release form onsite shortly after arrival. SAFETY IS OUR FOREMOST CONCERN AT THIS EVENT.


   Jill and her fila River Saturday morning. We had a short meeting before we decided to go explore. 


    All dogs brought to this event must be current on all vaccinations, as well as free of fleas and parasites. It is not recommended to bringing puppies under 12 weeks of age or unvaccinated puppies due to the extensive exposure to other dogs, and you risk the health of your dog in such case. But it is your call.

      There are camping and RV spots on site, Please contact Trisha Porter ahead of time to reserve a space. We do not have hookups but we can provide water fillup, but no sewer or electricity. However for the RV people there is a dump station in Yakima that is free if you need to use it on your way out of town we can give you directions. And for you campers, we will have a bathroom and water available for you. 

    There are also a few local hotels in the area that do take pets. Some are further away then others depending on how much you want to travel during the day. 

They are as follows:

     All star Hotel- 45+ Tax. They do take dogs. And they are about 20 min away.

     Days Inn- They do also take pets and are about 20 min away.

     Qualty Inn- They also take pets and it is $100 for the weekend. They how ever do have to have you on the bottom floor.

      **** Also for those of you who are going to be staying in a hotel and do not want to take your dogs we have provided an area in a building on the property that you can set up your crates, and the dogs are welcome to stay there over night as long as your crates are secure enough the dogs can not get out of their crates. ****

   If you are intersted in doing such please contact me and i will give you the contact information for the hotel. For those of you who do want to stay in a hotel and do not want to take your pets with you we will be providing space in one of our out buildings to set up crates at night so the dogs are welcomed to stay there. All we ask is that you maintain the area durring the weekend. And make sure your dog is secure at night in their crate.

     If you have something you would be interested in displaying for sale at this event please contact Trisha Porter. So that accommodations can be made. Also if you have anything you would be willing to donate for a prize for some of our activities please let me know. Donations are more then welcome

     If you live in the Pacific Northwest or just on the West Coast please consider joining our Yahoo list. To do so please go to:

 If you have any problems getting there please email me at and I can send you a link. You are also welcome to mail questions to .

     For those of you who want to take a little peice of the Washington Fila Weekend home with you we have been blessed by Tracy Shea and she has some amazing items for sale with our logo on them to see them please visit:

**Part of the proceeds of these sales will go to help us continue to fund the Washington Fila Weekend**

     For information on other Fila weekends in the USA please go to:

     For information on the Fila breed acording to CAFIB please go to:

     For information on the FBCA please go to :


               This is Diva, owned by Trisha Porter.

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